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I have been building solutions for clients in the cloud on Microsoft Azure since 2012 and building solutions in general for 20 years and more. Now, I head up information technology for biBerk Insurance, overseeing both software development and IT operations.

I’m working on Jim’s Rules to share my experience and (shaky) opinions about teamwork and leadership in software development. In my opinion, there aren’t enough people talking about these topics at a broad level. When the topics do come up, they are focused on how to manage processes and tasks (e.g., Agile Software Development, Scrum, Kanban, Continuous Integration & Development). Enough digital ink gets spilled on those topics, I would just be going over the same ground if I discussed them directly. Instead, I will focus on the broader topics related to team, people, and getting stuff done. That will mean we touch on things like Agile and CI/CD, they just won’t be the main focus.

I also don’t dive deep into technology for the same reason. There are so many people who generate technology content daily that I would just be echoing what’s already been said. What I can do is share a little of what I’ve learned with those technologies and everyone around them to help navigate the world of software development to not just create software, but also create successful products and have a fulfilling career.

Favorite techy things to do:

Cloud Architecture, Application Architecture, Integration Architecture “.Net Stack”: C#, ASP.NET (MVC, WebAPI2, OWIN), dotNet, T-SQL, SQL Server Web Technologies: AngularJS & Angular 2, JavaScript, HTML (HTML5), CSS (CSS 3) Microsoft Azure including: Azure Active Directory, Azure App Services/Web Sites, Azure SQL Database, Azure Service Bus, Azure API Management, Azure Storage, Azure Virtual Machines, Platform-as-a-Service (PAAS) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service(IAAS) TDD, Unit and Integration Testing Azure DevOps, Azure Resource Manager, Powershell Git, Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS, formerly Visual Studio Online), TFS Agile Software Development, Continuous Integration, DevOps, DevSecOps

Mentoring in all of the above and more

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